CAMPUS CRIME: MIT Fraternity Suspended After Woman Falls Out of Window

The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston is facing a suspension after a woman fell through a third-story window.
The accident happened just before midnight on Sunday during a raucous party held at the Lambda Chi Alpha’s house. The woman was enrolled in another nearby college but investigators did not reveal her identity or which school she attends. An investigation has been launched into the accident and the Lambda Chi Alpha is currently on a campus-wide suspension pending the outcome of the investigation. The suspension means they are no longer allowed to hold parties in the frat house and are not allowed to participate in any campus activities as a fraternity until the suspension has been lifted. MIT and Boston Inspectional Services officials are also looking into the accident to determine if further safety precautions or punishments need to be enforced as a result of the woman’s accident. The unidentified woman is currently being treated for injuries she sustained as a result of the fall and reports indicate that she is expected to survive.
None of the reports we’ve seen indicate any serious negligence on the fraternity’s part so far or exactly what led to the woman falling out of the window but that could change as the school continues its investigation. It does sound like a wild party got a little out of control and we’re sure that there was a fair amount of drinking going on unless it was just a really freak accident that ended with a very unfortunate circumstance. Either way, let’s try to be safer while we’re partying out there.

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