College Professor Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Foot In Class

A college professor at Idaho State University with a concealed carry permit accidentally utilized his Second Amendment rights on himself when he shot himself right in the middle of teaching a class.
Police in Pocatello, Idaho responded to a shooting call at the ISU campus and discovered that an unidentified professor shot himself in the foot with his own gun. Witnesses said the gun suddenly went off in the middle of class. The gun belonged to the professor and he kept it in his pocket. He also had a concealed gun carry permit that allowed him to bring a concealed weapon on to the ISU campus thanks to a new law that went into effect on July 1st. The professor’s gun was only a small-caliber weapon and he was treated and released from the hospital in the same day. No one else was injured and the building was not evacuated due to the accidental shooting. Several students even told local reporters that they weren’t even notified that an accidental discharge occurred on campus.
Naturally, the shooting and the lack of reporting kind of spooked some of the students in the building where the shooting took place. Sure it might not have involved some scary jerk breaking into the building but a fumbling gun carrier is enough to spook anyone with a modicum of common sense. It’s like realizing that someone hired Barney Fife as your new security guard. Even that would make Ted Nugent worry if he knew enough about field dressing a gun shot wound.
[Editor’s note: I’m going to use this opportunity to post one of my favorite videos ever…]

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