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“Monsters” Begat “Godzilla” — And Now A “Monsters” Sequel [VIDEO]




A sequel to the indie sci-fi hit Monsters–which landed director Gareth Edwards the Godzilla gig–is heading to theaters. It’s called Monsters: Dark Continent, and this one seems to have a budget that lets the movie actually feature some monsters.

The new movie takes place 10 years after the first Monsters film in which a series of strange, tentacled monsters land in the Mexican desert. This time, they’ve returned tenfold and they are bigger and badder than the last batch of creatures and we get to follow a group of Army recruits from Detroit who are sent in to respond to the threat. That means we’ll finally get the kind of monster movie we were hoping for when we saw the first Monsters movie and even the same director’s recent Godzilla reboot that barely gave us fleeting glimpses of the massive beast ripping up major towns and cities by their roots.

The latest trailer for Monsters: Dark Continent is full of fully focused, frontal shots of all sorts of strange beasts from super fast runners to a massive beast dubbed “Goliath.” It doesn’t hint that a monster is there with shots of tentacles reaching into buildings or wrapping around telephone poles. It shows the giant bastards and lets you revel in all of their tentacled glory. Check out the trailer below and prepare to be amazed…

This is the kind of movie we were hoping for when we first saw Monsters. It wasn’t a bad film, but a movie that’s simply titled Monsters should deliver a large, unrelenting dose of monsters from the first to the very last frame.

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