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14 Reasons Why the Week Won’t Suck



In the strictest calendar sense, fall doesn’t start until September 23, but we all know what those first mornings following Labor Day mean: summer is behind us and it fades further into the past with every tap of the snooze button.

Fall, however, dangles its own incentives for waking up and welcoming its arrival. New football and TV seasons simultaneously overtake the airwaves, baseball rallies into the playoffs, hockey looms just as soon as the rink gets solid, and the fun-fun-fun of hot weather movies, music, and other entertainment gives way to odd and daring projects that just work better when enjoyed as the leaves depart the trees and hoodies come off their storage hangers. On top of all that, first-year female students invade campuses everywhere, newly eighteen and eager to embrace all manners of higher education.

Autumn has broken, and here are some cool ways this week for you to break yourself into it:


Short Work Week

(All Week)

Three-day weekends means this work week is short. That deserves a hat tip.



Tigers at Indians

(Sep 2)

Last night, the Tigers tore up the Indians 12 to 1 on the first match-up of a four game series. Tonight, the Indians send in hot starter Carlos Carrasco to try to turn it around on their home turf. Detroit southpaw Kyle Lobstein will take the mound for the second time in the major leagues, following an encouraging debut last week against the Yankees. With the playoffs closing in, the Tigers are just half a game out of first in the AL Central, but the Indians could overtake them with a sweep over the next few nights. Anything is possible, right?


Jeezy—Seen It All: The Autobiography

(Sep 2)

Rumbling in development since his 2012 mixtape It’s the World and teased with a couple of singles since early summer, Jeezy bursts forth into fall by unleashing his seventh long-player Seen It All: The Autobiography. Guests include Jay-Z on the title track, Akon on “Been Getting Money”, Lil Boosie on “Beez Like”, Future on “No Tears” and dynamic duo Rick Ross and The Game on “Beautiful”. That’s a lot of star power for your hip-hop dollar.


Draft Day

(Sep 2)

Directed by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters) and starring Kevin Costner as GM of the Cleveland Browns, the movie Draft Day got overwhelmed in theaters by the NFL’s real thing, but now it’s worth checking out on Blu-ray and DVD as a warm-up to Thursday’s kickoff of the 2014 season. There’s good supporting work from Jennifer Garner, Denis Leary, and Frank Langella, along with cameos from real-life team owners (Russ Brandon), sportscasters (Chris Berman), and gridiron greats (Jim Brown).


Earth—Primitive and Deadly; Yob— Clearing the Path to Ascend

(Sep 2)

Pacific Northwest power trios Earth and Yob are each issuing new stoner rock long-players today, creating a smoke-storm from on high fueled by sludge riffs, soaring solos, dinosaur-stomp drums,and technical doom metal mastery. Mark Lanegan, frontman of ’90s grunge legends Screaming Trees, sings on an Earth track, while Yob peppers their sonic explorations with spoken snippets from Eastern philosophy guru Alan Watts. Heavy and heady converge most effectively on both albums.


Under the Electric Sky

(Sep 2)

Appropriately fast-moving, eye-popping, ear-grooving, and candy-colored, Under the Electric Sky is a 3D documentary on the most recent three-day Electric Daisy Carnival EDM event in Las Vegas. Heavy-hitting laptop tappers on the order of Avicii, Moby, Fatboy Slim, DJ Truelove, and Insomniac’s Pasquale Rotella provide insights between the whirling, popping, psychedelic onslaught of the movie’s extended music sequences. Under the Electric Sky hits Blu-ray and DVD today, so now you can pop in, turn on, and get down to it in your own personal freak-out tent at home.


Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection

(Sep 2)

Step into the nearest Walgreen’s or Target and there’s no doubt how powerfully (and deliciously) Halloween looms in our near future. Greet the season by spooking yourself through Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection on Blu-ray and DVD. Thrill and chill to the all-time fright film classics Dracula (1931), Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), The Wolf Man (1941), The Mummy (1932), Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954), The Phantom of the Opera (1943), and The Invisible Man (1933). Each individual hair-raising favorite is are available as stand-alone discs but, as with trick-or-treat candy, good luck trying to stop with just one.


The League: Season 6; Ali G Rezurection

(Sep 3)

Perfectly timed on the eve of the NFL’s official 2014 kickoff, the greatest fantasy football sitcom of all time returns for a sixth season on FXX this Wednesday at 10pm. Mark Duplass, Nick Kroll, Jon Lajoie, Stephen Rannazzisi, Paul Scheer, and Katie Aselton are all back on board for The League‘s outrageous, largely improvised fun. Another favorite returns—sort of—in Ali G: Rezurrection, immediately following The League at 10:30.

Despite tricky promos that might imply all-new episodes involving Sacha Baron Cohen’s classic characters, Rezurection is a repackaging of every episode of Da Ali G Show, including the British originals and the HBO installments. Cohen appears in new introductions and, hey, that’s even more than the Every Simpsons Ever marathon provided. FXX does reruns right.


Drake vs. Lil Wayne

(Sep 3)

Hip-hop titans Drake and Lil Wayne barrel into the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach Florida with an inventive, elaborate twist on a traditional twin superstar tour. From a stage mocked up to resemble the classic Street Fighter video game, the audience is asked to pick who should play first. Each rapper then performs small sets “against” one another throughout, leaving it up to the crowd at the end to elect a final “champion.” Clearly, everyone involved gets to win.


Aerosmith with Slash

(Sep 3)

Classic rock overtakes the Garden State via Newark’s Prudential Center as perpetually top-hatted Guns N’ Roses guitar guru Slash opens for Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the rest of their legendary riff-brigade of Boston brawlers. Slash performs a mix of his solo material and familiar GNR faves, while Aerosmiths erupt on stage to “Back in the Saddle” and subsequently ride high on their four decades of heavy hits and electric flair.


NFL 2014 Season Kickoff

(Sep 4)

Super Bowl XLIX champs the Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers this Thursday, kicking off the 2014 NFL season and capping an avalanche of citywide events in celebration of the opening match-up. NFL Gameday Village will feature other interactive fan opportunities, football legends signing autographs, a special area focused on kids. And while pop diva Ariana Grande will sing the national anthem, musically warming up the crowd for her will be free parking concerts by chart sensation Pharrell Williams and homegrown grunge gods Soundgarden.


Arctic Monkeys at Red Rocks

(Sep 4)

UK indie pop superstars Arctic Monkeys continue to ride their smash 2013 album AM with a worldwide tour that’s won them new fans and established the group as one of twenty-first century rock’s most formidable outfits. The Arctics ignite their monkeyshines at Colorado’s famous Red Rocks amphitheater, supported by opening act Mini Mansions, the tuneful side group of Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Shulman.


Alonzo Bodden at Laugh Boston

(Sep 4)

OG Last Comic Standing grand prize winner, TV host, and obsessed automotive enthusiast Alonzo Bodden lights up Laugh Boston at the Boston Waterfront Westin on Friday. Always dryly hilarious and newly enthused by the success of his “Who’s Paying Attention?” podcast, Bodden delivers laughs on par with the power of the custom motorcycles he typically pulls up on in front of comedy clubs nationwide. Opening up are Mike Faverman, famous for his traveling comedy cooking show “Mac and the Big Cheese” and local Boston crack-up Kofi Thomas.

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