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Kid Says That Oklahoma State University Wins At Scary Mascots [PIC]


It’s true that Oklahoma State couldn’t take out top-ranked Florida State this weekend, but we’re thinking that OSU mascot Cowboy Pete is looking set to win the division as Scariest Mascot of the NCAA. Just take a look at the informed opinion offered by this little kid–who, unlike us, wasn’t so wasted watching the game that he wouldn’t have walked up and asked for Burt Reynolds’ autograph.

We’re going to assume that the dedicated OSU fan/dad (if that’s his Twitter account) didn’t take his poor kid over to Cowboy Pete. Or–as the kid saw things–a mutant mustachioed maniac whose noggin is clearly big enough to accommodate biting off a child’s head. Cowboy Pete probably just moseyed on over to say hello, and the kid had a perfectly logical reaction, and the dad took the poor child away quickly. Just not so quickly that this pic didn’t become a real game highlight. That’s cool. Child psychologists deserve to make a living, too…

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