Forget College — This Kid Has Us Ready To Go Back To 5th Grade [PIC]

We don’t usually fall for every Cute Kid Note that rocks the internet–but we’d really appreciate it if this note took off in a viral fashion. Mainly, we really want to see the 5th grade teacher who’s hot enough to get a 6th grader going nuts for her. Maybe the kid in question is just a little advanced, but most 10-year-olds don’t get so distracted that they write a note warning the other kids that a gal is “so prity you can’t control your self.” We also admire the kid’s restraint in noting that “she is a good Reding teacher” before getting back to the more important topic of how she is a “good looking teacher.”
Anyway, some evil adult has covered the teacher’s name, and it’s really bothering us. Our own reading skills have been suffering lately. We could use a refresher course. Also, we’re thinking about leaving COED and getting back to the family business of running hotels, and we have a pretty good idea of how to make that work out really well. Now we’re just looking for the right school.

Yes, This Pimp As A Motherf*cker Baby Photo Happened [PIC DUMP]
Yes, This Pimp As A Motherf*cker Baby Photo Happened [PIC DUMP]
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