Is Your College One of the Nation's Greenest and Should You Care?

There’s been a renewed interest in making buildings and campuses more environmentally friendly or “green” as the hip people like to call it. If you actually care about such accomplishments, then you might want to check out the latest list of the nation’s most green campuses. examined the energy practices of the nation’s top-tier schools and ranked them according to the amount of sustainability and conservation efforts they put into building and maintaining their campuses. The examiners compiled data based on such facets as “stadium sustainability efforts,” “active green organizations,” “waste diversion rates” and other criteria that pretty much went way over our heads. The University of Washington finished first on the list thanks to the green measures they put in place at Husky Stadium and other campus initiatives such as a public composting program and the university’s (we’re not making this up) “Green Team.” Stanford University, Ohio State, Texas A&M and UCLA rounded out the top five of’s list. North Carolina, Clemson, Florida State University, Nebraska and Wisconsin finished in the top 10.
We don’t mean to sound like a cynical group of haters but is there any reason that students should care about this? Does having a public compost heap shave money off of your tuition bill or make your dorm room cheaper to live in each semester? The only possible benefit we can see from such measures is being able to pick up some ultra liberal, hippie chick who swoons at words like “sustainability,” “conservation” and “composting.”

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University of Oregon Slaps Student with Sanctions for Four-Word Joke
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