Here's All 8 Minutes of Godzilla From This Summer's "Godzilla" [VIDEO]

We’re saying goodbye to the Summer Film Season of 2014 with Guardians of the Galaxy still topping the box office–and a few early summer hits already available for download. That’s how we get the video here that takes every scene from Godzilla that actually had Godzilla in it. This does not add up to a lot of Godzilla.
That’s okay, though. Godzilla was fun enough so that we didn’t even notice that there wasn’t much screen time for the titular monster. We were more baffled by how little screen time we got from Bryan Cranston–which you can file under 10 Things Guys Need To Know About Godzilla. But first, check out the action below, and don’t forget how good it looked in 3D…

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