GWAR Gets the Movie They Deserve with "Let There Be GWAR" [VIDEO]

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Earlier this year, the iconic metal band GWAR lost its frontman and founding member Dave Brockie to a heroin overdose. The band vowed to continue to fight the good fight and keep touring and recording but it still marked the end of a momentous era in the band’s history that’s now being chronicled for a new documentary called Let There Be GWAR. 
The documentary features interviews and memories from the band’s numerous members including Brockie, Hunter Jackson, Jim Thomason, Church Verga and Greg Ottinger. The group got their start in the Richmond, Virginia punk scene after their art school upbringing tried to beat their originality out of them. The documentary explores the band’s rise through the metal music ranks and how they not only came up with their unique sound but the development of their very original shows that feature massive, elaborate costumes, gritty characters and buckets upon buckets of stage blood.
The trailer released earlier today features some extended interviews with some of those founding members as they recall the band’s formative years in an old dairy warehouse on the outskirts of Richmond and the “Slave Pit,” the workshop founded by Jackson where the group first built their ridiculous set pieces and costumes that have now become staples of the band’s sound and style. Check it out below in the embedded video..
The world has been owed a GWAR documentary for a long time. It’s just a shame that Brockie can’t be around to see it and marvel in the historic metal masterpiece he helped craft so many years ago.

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