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Someone Leaked The “Super Smash Bros. 4” Roster [VIDEO]


super smash bros roster

There is a lot of anticipation swirling around the release of the new Super Smash Bros. game for the WiiU because, well WiiU fans have been waiting for a game that people actually want to play with them for a long time. Someone, however, may have leaked the entire roster of fighters for the upcoming game before Nintendo was ready to make the big reveal.

A screenshot of the fighter selection screen popped up on an Internet forum along with a description of the new characters that are entering the fray when the game gets its release during the holidays for the WiiU and the Nintendo 3Ds. Assuming that the leaked images are correct, some of the new fighters that will appear in the new game will include Dr. Mario, Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Bowser Jr. and BEST OF ALL THE DOG FROM DUCK HUNT.

Finally, Nintendo will let us give that giggling, annoying dog the smackdown we’ve wanted to give him since we first got a Nintendo Entertainment System in the 80s. Check out a wider screenshot of the character selection screen below…

super smash bros

Nintendo hasn’t said much since the roster leaked but they did confirm one of the new characters on the roster by releasing a new trailer for the game. Nintendo confirmed that Shulk from the Xenoblade Chronicles will be in the new Super Smash Bros. game, according to this trailer that just hit the web…

If all this is true, then it’s not only shaping up to be a great game for the players but also for the WiiU console that’s been in desperate need of a top-tier title for a long time now.

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