New Trailer for “Horns” Has Daniel Radcliffe Looking Scary [VIDEO]

We’re hearing a lot of talk about Joaquin Phoenix about to star in Dr. Strange from Marvel Studios, but we’re thinking that this new trailer for Horns looks a lot more like a Dr. Strange movie. And especially if Marvel is bringing out the flame-headed demon Dormammu as the movie’s lead villain. We’d expect Dormammu to look a lot like the guy above–who is, in fact, Daniel Radcliffe giving away a little more Horns plot than we’d like.

Anyway, this new trailer still does a great job of selling the movie, as Daniel tries to figure out who murdered his girlfriend, and gets both helped and hindered by a pair of horns that he’s suddenly sprouting from his forehead. Take a look for yourself, and see if this doesn’t suddenly become one of this year’s must-see’s…

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