Funk Brewing's Citrus IPA Is What's On Tap

Labor Day weekend is one of the most joyous and depressing weekends of the year; summer is over but football is upon us and we have one last weekend to enjoy long days and warm nights. The beer that I am drinking this weekend is similar to Labor Day’s feel, just like the weekend, this brew is sweet and bitter and reminds me of an island white-sand beach; this weekend Funk Brewing’s Citrus IPA is What’s on Tap!

One of Pennsylvania’s newest breweries, Funk Brewing is creating some awesome craft beers in the Leigh Valley (outside of Philadelphia) and I love their Citrus IPA! I love this beer because of its balance and consistency. Right now there is a push for breweries to brew the most hoppy and bitter IPA possible. While I do enjoy these beers, I find that I am more often looking for a balanced IPA that just nails it – which is exactly what Citrus IPA does!

The hops used in Citrus are grown in the Pacific Northwest but for me, it is Citrus’ citrus flavors. On each sip you taste everything from grapefruit to mango to lemon / lime to orange, it’s awesome! There is a slight bitterness on the backend of each sip but nothing that will overpower your palate and at 6.9% ABV you can certainly enjoy more than one!

Considering the tropical fruit taste notes, Citrus IPA tastes like a beer that would be the perfect tropical craft beer. And this weekend I am paring Citrus IPA with some grilled shrimp and blackened Swordfish. The tropical fruit notes will accent the fish’s flavor while the hops and bitter qualities will combine nicely with the spicy blackened. So here is to the last official weekend of summer to a great brew!


Beer Stats

Style: American Indian Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 6.9%
Bitterness (IBUs): 70
Color: Hazy Golden Orangeish
Hops: Citra, Simcoe, Mosic

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