Helicopter Parents Are Dropping Big Bucks On Grown Kids' Dorm Rooms

Dorm rooms are usually dingy, cramped closets that try to cram the lives of two students into one space. Some, however, have the scratch to not only make their dorm rooms livable, but they can afford to design living quarters that rival most condominiums and apartment houses.
Now the Washington Post has jumped in to reveal that the helicopter parents who hovered over their kids at the park are just as cautious about dorm rooms. In fact, they spend as much as $5,000 per student on decorating and styling their kids’ college dorm rooms. It’s become such a huge trend that it’s launched a new business called Dormify, a design firm that specializes in the interior design of dorm rooms. Others just hire an interior designer to go into their child’s dorm space and tell them to send them the bill when they are done.
These rooms don’t just look fancy but they are also designed to be functional and help the student accomplish their goals for their first year of school. The Post detailed one student who had trouble staying organized and on task so the interior designer they hired came up with a room that allowed for extra storage space and a special desk that could help them stay on top of their assignments. The project was such a success that the designer picked up four additional clients in the very same dormitory.
This feels like more than just overkill. These rooms are costing these kids one of the formative experiences of their lives. Don’t these parents know that living in a cramped, ugly dorm room is a right of passage that can make college students stronger when they grow up to be men and women? After all, if they can live in a white brick lined closet for four years, then they can live anywhere.

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