USC’s Josh Shaw Lied About Those Heroically Sprained Ankles

USC Josh Shaw

Many were excited and moved by the story of USC’s Josh Shaw jumping from a second-story balcony to save his 7-year-old nephew. After some searching though and his story being picked apart, Shaw finally admitted on Wednesday that he made the whole story up and got his two sprained ankles from a fall. It’s a sad ending to what could have been a great story.

If Shaw actually took a fall but didn’t want to admit to something, he could have come up with a better lie than the one he did though. The story was too in-depth (and with too many layers) to work the way Shaw would have wanted. Many people were tricked by what Shaw said. He has been suspended by the team indefinitely and likely is going to find himself out for most of the season.

Shaw has a lot of thinking to do before he gets back on the field. His honesty will always be put into question now after this incident. He will need to earn the trust back of his teammates and fans of the Trojans. Shaw apologized through his attorney after he admitted the lie. He’ll need to do much more before fans get on his side again.


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