World's Most Dedicated Fan Gets a Seahawks Eyeball, No, Really…

So you think you’re the most hardcore and dedicated sports fan? Seattle Seahawks’ super fan Bill Vandenbush would like to have a word with you because he replaced his entire friggin’ eyeball with one bearing his favorite team’s logo to prove how much he loves his hometown team.
Vandensbush lost his right eye while serving in heavy combat during the Vietnam War and he’s had a glass eye in there ever since then. He and his wife, Shannon, just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and she surprised him with the gift of a glass eye bearing the Seahawks’ throwback logo. Vandenbush said he wanted to put something weird in his eye socket like a “skull and crossbones” but his wife heard him discuss the logo off and on during their very strange and unique idea of a marriage.
Shannon said that he had heard him discuss getting an eyeball with a Seahawks logo and when it came time to replace his glass eye, she decided it would make the perfect and most grisly anniversary present ever for a sports fan.
She actually had to do a bit of maneuvering to get it made, since it had to be specially fitted without his knowledge and she surprised him when he went to the eyeball maker to get fitted for a new eye. Vandenbush said he was “overwhelmed with joy” to get the new glass eye. We’re overwhelmed with a mixture of happiness and fear–mostly because we’ll probably dream that a seahawk will peck out one of our eyes while we’re trying to sleep later tonight.

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