Texas A&M's Locker Room Looks Like Something From the Future [VIDEO]

Texas A&M‘s football team will have a new facility to play and prepare in this season and it looks absolutely stunning–especially for a place where football players basically shower, shave and smack each other on the ass with towels.
A preview video of Texas A&M’s new Bright Football Complex popped up on YouTube, and it’s clear that they’ve plunked down a lot of pennies to give their players a state-of-the-art facility. The lobby, offices and meeting rooms are all filled with state of the art technology and electronic decorations but the most stunning sight to behold is where the players change and dress for each game.
The locker room is filled with TV screens on just about every wall. The nameplates above each players’ locker has been replaced with a monitor that bares their headshot and name. There are TVs in the bathroom mirrors and above the spas. There’s an even a massive screen that greets the players as they enter the locker room–as they will tonight for a game against the South Carolina Gamecocks.
They even partnered with Adidas, who sent them a ton of licensed apparel for a special fitting room just for the players. Words simply can’t describe it. This place has to be seen to be believed and you can witness it for yourself below in the embedded video…
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwXFGhraJM0&w=600&h=338]
The school must have┬áput down a ton of money to build their players a state of the art facility. We’re sure they could have skimped on a couple of those TVs and high definition screens to actually pay their players a little something for actually playing on the field.

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