We’ll Buy Vacuum Cleaners From a Guy Eating Off A Subway Floor [VIDEO]

Bissell Symphony Subway Pasta Ad Video

First, we just want to say that this isn’t some kind of sponsored post. Then we’ll add that we really love that Desco Vacuums are still open on 14th Street here in Manhattan, because we love the idea of there still being a place in the city for a professional vacuum cleaner salesman. The guy in this video, however, really sells his product the old-fashioned way, and his┬ádemonstration is a lot more dramatic than ringing the doorbell and dumping dirt on a lady’s rug.

Yes, this is one X-treme vacuum cleaner salesman–and we’ll gladly plug the fine products at Bissell, since the company actually sent a guy to use a steam cleaner on a subway floor before then eating a meal off the surface. We’re pretty sure that’s a Canadian subway. Everybody knows that Canadians are pretty clean, but this still makes for an impressive stunt. We wouldn’t want to try it, but now we’re tempted to buy a Bissell around the office for dares after the usual Friday party.

Also, we guess this Bissell product could be used for actually cleaning around the office. Maybe we’d get drunk enough to try doing that sometime…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHznDFD3V3k%5D

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