Arby’s Will Sell You A Meat Mountain Sandwich For $10

Arby's Meat Mountain h

In a very important display of investigative journalism, the Washington Post has revealed that Arby’s will actually sell you a Meat Mountain, as seen in their display posters at the fine restaurant’s many locations. This tasty-looking concoction wasn’t meant to be a sandwich, though. The idea behind the poster was to show that Arby’s serves up a lot more than roast beef.

The chain, in fact, has sandwiches that feature chicken, roast turkey, ham, corned beef, brisket, Angus steak, roast beef, and bacon. Those are all on display in the Meat Mountain poster, along with plentiful cheeses. We’re proud to say that some great Americans took one look at that poster, though, and said, “I’ll have that.”

And, verily, Arby’s has come through with a stacked beauty that’s really a good deal for $10. It has to come wrapped in paper, though. That’s cool. Makes the Meat Mountain seem more like it came straight from a butcher shop. (But if you’re too hip to ever order from any kind of national chain, then check out the best local sandwich in your state.)

Anyway, now we know what we’re having for lunch. We’re hoping that it’ll look a lot like the original image below–and, yeah, we know plenty of readers will be having the same…

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