CAMPUS CRIME: Massive ASU Party Roundup Ends with 392 Arrests


Apparently, Arizona State University really doesn’t want to end up on the annual list of the nation’s biggest party schools because a police task force rounded up nearly 400 students for party related crimes (and we don’t mean double dipping chips).

A Tempe police task force made the arrests at the start of the new fall semester as part of its annual “Safe and Sober” campaign in which extra officers are sent on patrols to catch students or anyone else who are drinking while driving or getting intoxicated in public. The majority of the 392 arrests made just this past weekend were for driving under the influence and underage drinking. A raid on a high rise apartment building ended in several arrests after some partiers were caught throwing empty beer bottles at police cars as officers moved in to inspect the party-goers.

If that sounds like a lot of arrests, just wait until the task force is finished. This is the second year that the police department ran their “Safe and Sober” campaign and last year, the task force rounded up nearly 1,300 people in just three weekends at the start of the fall semester. ASU has been doing everything in its power to erase its ranking as a party school by also forbidding students from having kegs and beer bongs at tailgating parties during home games. If they really want to solve the problem, they could just relocate the students out of Arizona because we know for a fact that drinking is the only thing worth doing there.

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