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Arizona State Won’t Allow Kegs or Beer Bongs at Tailgating Parties


keg stand

Arizona State University is one of our favorite party schools–but its ranking just dropped now that the school is forbidding fans from bringing beer kegs or beer bongs on campus for pre-game tailgate parties.

A reporter for The Arizona Republic has confirmed passage of the law on her Twitter account. ASU joined the growing list of Arizona colleges to enact such a band including the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University. The decision was partially based on an investigation commissioned by a subcommittee of the school’s student safety task force to examine ways to improve safety during pre-game celebrations and during home games in Sun Devil Stadium.

The report issued several recommendations to the committee such as shortening the amount of time fans can hold tailgate parties on campus, preventing fans from re-entering the stadium once they’ve left and increasing police presence during the games. They also suggested a complete ban on beer kegs and beer bongs and apparently the subcommittee agreed because starting next season, they won’t be able to use them as part of their tailgating plans. The report based its recommendations on Pennsylvania State University, the first university to enact such a ban, and it claimed that they saw a dramatic decrease in alcohol consumption and less risk for disorderly conduct on game days.

That may be so but it’s really not a true tailgating party without a couple of kegs, some funnels and plastic tubing that you pretended to buy at Home Depot for a “chemistry experiment.”

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