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This Can Holder Can Turns Any Can Into a German Beer Stein [VIDEO]


das can in stein

It’s not easy to improve upon something as perfect as beer but the folks at ThinkGeek came up with an ingenious way to improve the simple beer can with Das Can-In-Stein.

The design of this can holder is so simple that its ingenious. We’re so in love with it that it almost makes us mad enough to wish we had thought of it first.┬áThis ThinkGeek product first surfaced as one of the company’s many April Fools products but it’s no longer just a teasing joke. It’s now a reality. You simply fit any 12-ounce can in the holder, crack open your cold one of choice and hoist away just as though you’re chugging down the sweetest German brew, even if what you’re really drinking is just about bongwater in terms of taste. It even has a pewter looking top that you can flip open every time you’re ready to take a sip. This looks like something that’s a must for the frequent, fun-loving beer drinker or the alcoholic who doesn’t want to constantly be reminded that they can only afford cheap beer to feed their habit. ThinkGeek provided a video demonstration of their new must-have product for beer drinkers everywhere…

The timing could not be better since Oktoberfest is almost around the corner. The only way this thing could be perfect is if it could somehow alter the chemical content of your beer and turn it into an actual German brew instead of the cheap swill you usually drink out of a can.

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