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New Montreal Restaurant and Bar Serves Up Bacon and More Bacon



We’re surprised that someone didn’t think of opening a Bacon Theme Restaurant before–but a clever restauranteur in Montreal finally got to work on opening a dream destination.

Bar Brutus is the world’s first all-bacon, all-the-time restaurant with a menu that finds new ways to shove the sliced pork treat into just about every kind of comfort food that the world holds so dear to their clogged hearts. Main courses include staples like bacon burgers and sandwiches and even a hot dog that uses a sausage made entirely out of bacon. You can also order a plate of bacon sushi in which the seaweed is replaced with (you guessed it!) bacon wraps or the house’s speciality called “Jagerpoutine.” It’s a twist on the Canadian comfort food that consists of French fries, red caramelized onion, cheese, (wait for it) bacon and a gravy made from Jagermeister.

The bar even serves the dish in a green Jagermeister bottle that’s been sliced in half. Make sure you leave room for dessert because the bacon doesn’t stop with the main course. Patrons can also order a round of bacon topped donuts or a slice of bacon pie or even a bacon aperitif such as a bacon martini or bacon Bloody Mary to cleanse their palette. We’re pretty sure even the after-dinner mints have bacon in them.

We’re thrilled the world finally has a bacon restaurant. We’re just mad that America didn’t come up with it first. After all, we’re the second highest consumers of meat on the planet. Come on America, get on the bacon ball!



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