“Enlisted” Gets Declared 4-F By Yahoo!, After All


Ever since Yahoo! announced they would give Community the sixth season that NBC didn’t feel it deserved, there was hope that they also might pick up other TV shows that didn’t get a chance to get off the ground despite their critical acclaim and growing fan base. One of those comedies was the FOX military comedy Enlisted but it seems that the show has been permanently dismissed.

Apparently, the creators of the season-long military comedy and Yahoo! had been in talks to give the show another season online but budget problems caused those talks to break down and eventually dissolve altogether. Since there are no other parties interested in bringing the show back to life, it appears that Enlisted won’t get another season.

The series followed the exploits of the Hill Brothers, a group of misfit soldiers being trained by their oldest brother who was redeployed stateside for punching a superior officer in Afghanistan to the fictional Fort McGee. The series followed the younger Hill brothers training and their older brother’s attempts to keep them out of trouble and away from the watchful eye of Sgt. Major Donald Cody.

It’s a shame that the series never really had a chance to get off the ground. Sure it had a whole season on FOX but the network only aired it on Friday nights when the world is usually out partying or beginning to enjoy their weekend. America needs another big military TV comedy, especially in these uncertain times of looming war and constant destruction and Enlisted could have been it.

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