Hanson Brothers' MmmHops Is What's On Tap [BEER REVIEW]

The beer this weekend answers the question, “What do the members of boy bands do with their money once they are no longer in heavy rotation and their popularity has decreased?” Some buy cars, fancy houses, play the stock market, go bankrupt, but these dudes arguably made the coolest investment, beer! This weekend’s craft beer is one that was inspired by a song, and national phenomena, that went double platinum; this weekend, Mustang Brewing Company and Hanson (yes, the dudes who invented Mmmbop) aptly named MmmHops is What’s on Tap!

If you are old enough to remember AOL chat rooms, the game Slingo, TGIF, and 90210 I am guessing you will remember the band Hanson and the song “Mmmbop “(that song was everywhere!). Regardless whether you like the song or not, you got to respect dudes who love music and beer so much they turn their profits into brewing a beer.

Mmmhop is an interesting brew because the name suggests that is it going to be an explosion of hoppy flavors, but the brewery classifies it as a pale ale which are not overly hoppy. As I take the first sip I am surprised by the bready malt presence to the brew; making this brew more like a British pale ale in that there is much more of a malt characteristic to it. There is a slight citrus and hop presence to the brew but it is very subtle and the lack of finishing bitterness makes the beer very drinkable.

Much like how often the song was played Mmmhop is a brew that you could consume over and over. While it boarders more on an Session Amber style of beer it is one that would pair well with most dishes. And rather than recommend what to eat with this beer, here is a recommendation of what to listen to:

Beer Stats

Style: Pale Ale

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.0%

Color: Unknown – Cloudy Amberish

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