Tree-Poisoning Alabama Fan Cancels Appearance Over Death Threats

On Wednesday, there was plenty of discussion about Alabama fan Harvey Updyke being involved in a charity event where fans could hit him with pies or dunk him in a dunk booth. Thursday, however, brought a different set of problems as the organizers of the events received death threats on social media and cancelled Updyke’s appearance.
People had reason to be upset, too. Updyke is famoud for poisoning trees on the Auburn campus with herbicide–after the Alabama fan got really upset over Auburn’s win over Alabama back in 2011.
The event was being organized by former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s mother Dee Dee Bonner. After the Updyke appearance was announced, McCarron, Bonner and McCarron’s wife Katherine each got threats on social media according to It is really sad that fans believed that they needed to post death threats about the appearance.
It was supposed to benefit a young boy who died of cancer in July. Auburn fans do have a great hatred for Updyke but resorting to death threats is over the line. The event will go on without Updyke as money is raised for awareness for children’s cancer. Hopefully at some point, fans will be able to forget about Updyke. Obviously, that’s far from happening.

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