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Chris Rock Catches Foul Ball at Yankees Game [VIDEO]


Chris Rock Foul Ball Yankees

There are many celebrities that go out to Yankee Stadium to catch a baseball game. Comedian Chris Rock was one of them at the ballpark on Thursday–and enjoyed a fun perk that had nothing to do with being famous. Rock grabbed a foul ball that landed inches from him and after showing the crowd that he had the ball, he gave it to a young boy in the crowd during the Yankees’ win over the Houston Astros.

It is interesting that Rock was at the Yankees game. It is well-known that he is a Mets fan so going to the other team’s stadium is usually frowned upon. Rock originally tried to make the catch with a cell phone in his hand but had to wait for a bounce off another seat before he could actually get the ball. It is something that he will likely never get the chance at again.

There aren’t a lot of celebrities who get that close to a foul ball in all honesty. Most are found in the luxury suites and not sitting in the front row but Rock can afford those seats. The best part of the story is that he gave the ball to a young boy instead of keeping it for himself though. It just shows that some celebrities care about everyone else out there.

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