Former Dartmouth Frat Guy Details Weird Hazing Rituals in New Book

Fraternity hazing stories usually aren’t very pleasant but one Dartmouth fraternity may have just won the honor of being the most grotesque hazing rituals in the country thanks to a new memoir previewed by the folks at the Huffington Post.
The blog’s College section got an advanced copy of a new book by Andrew Lohse called Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy in which he details some of the gross and downright disgusting things some pledges had to do in order to join their fraternity. Lohse’s public allegations about the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Dartmouth launched a public awareness campaign about hazing and even got the school to launch an investigation into the fraternity’s practices.
He opens the book with a really disturbing story he allegedly witnessed in which a frat brother was forced to lie down with his genitals exposed while another member drank beer until he vomited all over the other member’s private parts. That pretty much sets the high bar for the rest of the book. Lohse also detailed stories about members urinating in punch served frat parties that they made other members drink, drinking sessions in which members could only vomit if another member stuck their fingers down each other’s throats, pledges being forced to swim in kiddie pools filled with bodily fluids, and even forcing members to eat something called “vomlettes.”
Remember, this isn’t some fly-by-night school where the “less elite” are in attendance. This is Dartmouth, an Ivy League institution and one of the highest ranking schools in the country where students supposedly move on to become world leaders and captains of industry and commerce. If this is the kind of weird crap that goes on at Ivy League schools, then at least the cause of that whole recession we had a while back makes a lot more sense now. Although we’ll still note that the Dartmouth Review came up with a pretty strong response to this a while back.

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