The Hook-Up Culture is on Hold at Harvard Thanks to A Rise in Reported Assaults


Hooking up has become an integral part of college life but it’s slowed a bit thanks to a rise in sexual assaults on campuses across the country. [lead image copyright Shutterstock]
A new report from Bloomberg detailed how the hook-up life has reached a waning period because of a certain unease that has crept on campus thanks to rising reports that detailed how some college failed to report scads of sexual assaults among their students. The report focused on Stanford and Harvard where male students said they are exercising a great deal of caution when talking to members of the opposite sex. Social situations are a bit more awkward now as some male students are a little wary about coming across as being too forward by offering female students a beer at the bar. Some students even stopped halfway through the act of getting to first base just because they were worried that it might lead to an incident that would go on their permanent record and affect their educational or career aspirations. The report also talked about a “small group” of women who try to make themselves as unattractive as possible by covering themselves in clothing “from head to toe” and not going anywhere in public without a male escort that they can trust.
There may have been an assault problem that has gone largely unreported all this time but a sociologist who studied the matter noted that “few men are rapists.” We’re not saying that means that women should keep their guard down and men should always stay on guard for fear of being accused of such a heinous act. We’re just saying that it’s college and you always regret the moments in life that you don’t seize more┬áthan the ones you do.

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