Survey Reveals (Kind Of Expected) Basic Food Groups For College Students

College is a time to live it up and enjoy yourself while you still can and that includes food. It’s probably not a surprise that college students don’t have the world’s healthiest eating habits but a recent survey found a drastic difference in the diets of students and the rest of the world.
The survey conducted by GrubHub and Spoon University found some surprising differences in what (and where) college students eat during their final four years of education. Naturally, college students take in a lot of caffeine to help them stay awake on those last minute study sessions but the survey found that they are 83 percent more likely to drink an energy drink to stay awake and 15 percent less likely to drink coffee. Of course, students are 100 percent more likely to order late night take out or delivery but they are 18 percent less likely to order a dessert to end their fat-laden meal.
Even the takeout delivery options seemed to be all over the place. Usual staples like hamburgers and pizza didn’t even make the top 10 list of most likely ordered items. Calzones topped the list by being 150 percent more commonly ordered by students followed by chicken with broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, sesame chicken and dumplings. Wings, chicken parmesan, sweet and sour chicken, wonton soup and fries rounded out the rest of the top 10 list.
All those chicken dishes mean that college students seem to be eating a little bit healthier but they are also making up for pigging out by ordering more calzones, wings and energy drinks–or three or the four food groups as they are better known to the nation’s college students.

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