Where Does Your Team Rank on Forbes' Most Valuable NFL Teams List?

Forbes released their annual list of the National Football League’s most valuable teams and the Dallas Cowboys topped the list.
Of course, it probably shouldn’t be a big surprise to any fan of football that Dallas’ hometown team came out on top of the Forbes’ list. They just built a massive new stadium and charge one of the highest ticket rates in the entire league. They also have an owner whose solution to almost every problem is just to throw money at it in the hopes it will go away so clearly they’ve got money to burn. It’s just a shame that all that money can’t produce a team that can actually win some games. Well, it’s not really a shame if you’re not a Cowboys fan.
If anything, this list proves that money doesn’t guarantee a successful team. The New England Patriots, the Washington Redskins, the New York Giants and the Houston Texans rounded out the top five. Of course, just because other teams ranked lower doesn’t mean that they were worth a lot less. In fact, the average worth of an NFL franchise topped out at a new high of $1.43 billion representing a 23-percent increase from just last year. That also marks the biggest year-to-year increase in almost 15 years. That’s more than the top 20 soccer teams, MLB teams and NBA teams. That’s a staggering amount of money for, well, anything. Just imagine what you could do with $1.43 billion. You could buy yourself a lifetime supply of pizza and beer and still have $1.33 billion to spend on yourself.

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