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NBA Referee Dick Bavetta Retires After 39 Years


Dick Bavetta

Over the past 39 years, NBA fans have become used to seeing referee Dick Bavetta on the court all the time. Bavetta has decided however that he is going to retire from the game now that he is 74 years old. He officiated 2,635 consecutive regular season games along with doing 270 playoff games that included 27 NBA Finals games.


It is an impressive career where Bavetta didn’t miss a single assignment along the way from 1975 to the end of last season. Many fans may not have been happy with some of the calls that Bavetta made over the years but obviously he was just doing his job along the way. He was even a part of the 1992 Olympics with the original Dream Team in Barcelona where pros got to play for the first time.

There is probably no reason not to believe that Bavetta won’t just show up at some rec league game and begin calling fouls at some point in the next few years where he is still in shape. It was a long and very quality career for one of the most respected officials that the NBA has ever seen. Hopefully he enjoys his retirement and doesn’t decide on a comeback.

We know Charles Barkley will miss him.


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