OU Player Kicked Off Team for An Entire Season Over Assault Charge

Oklahoma University’s Joe Mixon lost his spot on the football team for an entire season thanks to a pending assault charge.

OU President David Boren released a statement confirming the news that the running back would not be playing football or be on the roster for the upcoming season. He will, however, remain a student and receive financial aid for the year he won’t be playing football. Athletics Director Joe Castiglione and OU football coach Bob Stoops said in a joint statement that they hoped the suspension would show that they are “committed to winning the right way” and trying to set “the highest possible standards for students athletes, coaches and staff.” It is unclear what will happen to the running back if he’s convicted of the misdemeanor charge or if he is found not guilty.

The freshmen received a misdemeanor assault charge last Friday in connection with the assault of an unidentified woman. According to police reports, Mixon had gotten into an argument with the woman when he allegedly struck her in the face. The punch rendered her unconscious and broke several bones in her face. Attorneys for the freshman running back claim he was defending himself and Mixon entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment. A surveillance tape recorded the incident but it has been sealed away as evidence pending Mixon’s day in court.

The NFL should really read this story very closely in the wake of their response to the Ray Rice incident. This is how you deal with a player who breaks the law in such a deplorable way off of the field.

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