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College Football Fan Mugshots of the AP Top 25 [PHOTOS]


College Football mugshots

Some people believe it’s bad form to be caught wearing a college football team’s clothing in a mugshot, that it gives rival teams’ fans confirmation that all those jokes about welfare and idiocy are actually based on fact.

Others believe it sends the message your team and its fans aren’t afraid of a night in jail. That you’re one bad mother (in the “good way,” although the “bad way” i.e. you’re actually a terrible mother also works in this case).

We’ll let you decide if which side of the argument is right, or if the truth is somewhere in between. To do so, we’ve pulled mugshots of fans from the AP Top 25 Preseason Poll for you below.

[Editor’s note: The photos are presented in the same order as they’re ranked in the AP Poll, but I’d like to just point out that it’s a crying shame Alabama didn’t place #1–that guy is an absolute legend.]

All photos via Muggn and TheSmokingGun

1. Florida State Mugshot

1. FSU Seminoles Mugshot

2. Alabama Mugshot

2. Alabama Crimson Tide Mugshot

3. Oregon Mugshot

3. Oregon Ducks Mugshot

4. Oklahoma Mugshot

4. Oklahoma Sooners Mugshot

5. Ohio State Mugshot

5. Ohio State Buckeyes Mugshot

6. Auburn Mugshot

6. Auburn Tigers Mugshot

7. UCLA Mugshot

7. UCLA Bruins Mugshot

8. Michigan State Mugshot

8.  Michigan State Spartans Mugshot

9. South Carolina Mugshot

9. South Carolina Gamecocks Mugshot

10. Baylor Mugshot

10. Baylor Bears Mugshot

11. Stanford Mugshot

11. Stanford Cardinal Mugshot

12. Georgia Mugshot

12. Georgia Bulldogs Mugshot

13. LSU Mugshot

13. LSU Tigers Mugshot

14. Wisconsin Mugshot

14. Wisconsin Badgers Mugshot

15. USC Mugshot

15. USC Trojans Mugshot

16. Clemson Mugshot

16. Clemson Tigers Mugshot

17. Notre Dame Mugshot

17. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Mugshot

18. Ole Miss Mugshot

18. Ole Miss Rebels Mugshot

19. Arizona State Mugshot

19. Arizona State Sun Devils Mugshot

20. Kansas State Mugshot

20. Kansas State Wildcats Mugshot

21. Texas A&M

21. Texas A&M Aggies Mugshot

22. Nebraska Mugshot

22. Nebraska Cornhuskers Mugshot

23. North Carolina Mugshot

23. North Carolina Tar Heels Mugshot

24. Mizzou Mugshot

24. Mizzou Tigers Mugshot

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