Cheerleaders of the 2014 Top 25 College Football AP Preseason Poll [PHOTOS]

AP College Cheerleaders

First it the Coach’s Poll was released, then we saw the the ESPN College Football Power Rankings, and now finally we get to take a look at AP Preseason Poll–so really all we need now is real, actual college football, and we’ll be officially happy.

As far as the actual AP Preseason poll talk is concerned, there’s really only one point of interest: Notre Dame. This weekend, word came that four football players would be suspended because of “academic dishonesty,” and it looks as though the AP Poll was finished before that news. There’s a good chance Notre Dame will be booted from the Top 25 after their first game (even if they win.)

But everyone knows that preseason polls don’t really mean squat, so instead we’ll use the AP Preseason Poll as a fun way of checking in with some of our favorite cheerleaders.

Florida State Cheerleaders

#1 - Florida State

#1. Florida State University

(photo credit: Streeter Lecka / Getty Images)

Alabama Cheerleader

#2 - Alabama

#2. University of Alabama

(photo credit: Michael Chang / Getty Images)

Oregon Cheerleader

#3 - Oregon

#3. University of Oregon

(photo credit: Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images)

Oklahoma Sooners Cheerleader

#4 - Oklahoma

#4. University of Oklahoma

(photo credit: Elsa / Getty Images)

Ohio State Cheerleader

#5 - Ohio State

#5. Ohio State University

(photo credit: Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

Auburn Cheerleader

#6 - Auburn

#6. Auburn University

(photo credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

UCLA Cheerleader

#7 - UCLA

#7. UCLA

(photo credit: Jim McIsaac / Getty Images)

Michigan State Cheerleader

#8 - Michigan State

#8. Michigan State University

(photo credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images)

South Carolina Cheerleader

#9 - South Carolina

#9. University of South Carolina

(photo credit: Chris Greythen / Getty Images)

Baylor Cheerleader

#10 - Baylor

#10. Baylor University

(photo credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

Stanford Cheerleader

#11 - Stanford

#11. Stanford University

(photo credit: Doug Pensinger / Getty Images)

LSU Cheerleaders

#12 - Georgia

#12. University of Georgia

(photo credit: Sam Greenwood / Getty Images)

LSU Cheerleader

#13 - LSU

#13. LSU

(photo credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

Wisconsin Cheerleader

#14 - Wisconsin

#14. University of Wisconsin

(photo credit: Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

USC Cheerleader

#15 - USC

#15. USC

(photo credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

Clemson Cheerleaders

#16 - Clemson

#16. Clemson University

(photo credit: Jared C. Tilton / Getty Images)

Notre Dame Cheerleaders

#17 - Notre Dame

#17. Notre Dame

(photo credit: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

Ole Miss Cheerleaders

#18 - Ole Miss

#18. Ole Miss

(photo credit: Wesley Hitt / Getty Images)

Arizona State Cheerleader

#19 - Arizona State

#19. Arizona State University

(photo credit: Jeff Gross / Getty Images)

Kansas State Cheerleader

#20 - Kansas State

#20. Kansas State University

(photo credit: Jamie Squire / Getty Images)

Texas A&M Cheerleader

#21 - Texas A&M

#21. Texas A&M University

(photo credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

Nebraska Cheerleader

#22 - Nebraska

#22. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

(photo credit: Eric Francis / Getty Images)

North Carolina Cheerleader

#23 - North Carolina

#23. University of North Carolina

(photo credit: Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

Missouri Cheerleader

#24 - Missouri

#24. University of Missouri

(photo credit: Jamie Squire/ Getty Images)

Washington Cheerleader

#25 - Washington

#25. University of Washington

(photo credit: Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

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