Is This The Worst Mall Commercial Of All Time?-And More Morning Links


Yes, yes it is the worst mall commercial of all time. Cheesy, low budget local commercials are usually funny because you can tell they’re trying so hard to make a quality commercial-but it just doesn’t turn out the way they envisioned it. However, this one is so bad that it seems like it was made poorly on purpose. According to our friends over at The Huffington Post, Redditors think it’s a spoof commercial made by a duo named Rhett & Link, who are known for their fabricated ads. To see the commercial, CLICK HERE.

And here are some more interesting links to kick off your Tuesday morning…

•  Mischa Barton blows off movie to party in Europe [TMZ]

•  Emma Watson bikini photos [Radass]

•  Peyton Manning makes customers sweat before drinking Gatorade [Extra Mustard]

•  ‘Dinosaur in the hood’ prank [Worldwide Interweb]

•  Reliable rumors about the new iPhone release [Mandatory]

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