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25 Students In India Admitted To A School That Doesn’t Exist



Everybody remembers the day they first showed up for college and realized that they would have to spend the next four months actually showing up to college. Some students in India who signed up for a school had the same exact feeling, even though their school had been closed down the previous semester.

Bangalore University admitted 25 students applying for a master’s degree in social work to the Ganga Kaveri Institute of Science and Management in Rajajinagar. The only problem is that the Ganga Kaveri Institute of Science and Management closed down the previous semester and the school failed to notice that it had closed when it admitted the students. The school blamed part of the oversight on the fact that the university has a quota of at least 25 students per school under its umbrella of institutions but it still doesn’t explain how they were able to admit the students to a school that technically doesn’t exist.

The school’s oversight was so bad that it failed to notice their mistake by the time the students tried to attend their first classes. The 25 students admitted to the institute actually showed up to the building to notice that it had been closed down the previous semester. The closure was due to a management decision to close the school following a recommendation from one of the university’s sub-committees. And yet for some reason, no one involved in the admissions process seemed to know that the school had been closed. We’d tell the people in charge of such a mistake that they need to go back to school and learn the basics of communication and management but the school has been closed.

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