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For Robin Williams: Terry Gilliam’s “Fisher King” Commentary [VIDEO]


Robin Williams The Fisher King Terry Gilliam Commentary Disc Video

Here’s a valuable tribute to the late Robin Williams, since this video serves up the lost  LaserDisc audio commentary from the director of The Fisher King. A lot of people cited Robin Williams’ performance in this 1991 movie as a real career highlight. It did a lot to cement Williams’ reputation as an important actor, too, and provided his second Oscar nomination after Dead Poets Society.

And the director in question is the notorious Terry Gilliam, who went from being a member of Monty Python (and the director of Holy Grail) to making bizarre films like Time Bandits and Brazil. The Fisher King was one of his more mainstream projects, and this commentary hasn’t been heard for a while. It’s from a 1992 edition that hasn’t been used again on any other Fisher King reissue. We’ll probably download the mp3 before sitting down with the film, but the video is right here–and provides some great insight into Williams from a fellow comic genius. Check it out, and then show some gratitude by checking out more from Craig J. Clark’s Youtube channel

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