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John Axford Says Hi To Pittsburgh With Winning Twitpic


There are players who come to a new team without much fanfare. However, John Axford decided that joining the Pittsburgh Pirates deserved a much bigger entrance. The Pirates claimed Axford off waivers from the Cleveland Indians and that prompted Axford to post this awesome picture on Twitter. (It looks even more piratey if you check out his Twitter account.)

That’s one way to make sure that the fans love you from day one. Axford has always been a colorful character from his days with the Milwaukee Brewers, and returns to a division he is familiar with in the National League Central. It would probably be best if Axford showed up for his first game with the Pirates with that outfit on as well.

It would definitely make things much more interesting all around. Axford took time out as well after tweeting the picture of him in the pirate outfit to thank everyone in Cleveland. The Pirates are getting a player who has a sense of humor along with knowing where his priorities lay. There really isn’t much more that can be asked for than that.

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