New York Jets Players Using Dating App Tinder During Training Camp

The long and boring days of NFL training camps can make players longing for some company. According to the Wall Street Journal, members of the New York Jets have been using the popular dating app Tinder to find dates for themselves. Many of the players aren’t mentioning that they are football players either. The app allows users to search for potential mates within a radius they choose between one and 100 miles.
It is true that NFL players don’t have a lot of time to go out and look for dates but this is a new one to say the least. The players are smart however not to mention what they actually do to start with. They want to find love and not just someone looking to marry a professional athlete just for the money. As many as 11 Jets players have had active profiles on Tinder as of late July.
This is something that is likely going on throughout many other professional arenas as well so players can find someone to be with for a long time or maybe just a short time hookup. Who knows how many of the players will continue to leave their Tinder profiles up after the season gets underway—and let’s hope that they follow Tinder’s Ten Commandments.

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