Fantasy Football Is Costing Employers $14 Billion (Ha!)

It’s no secret that fantasy football fever is running rampant throughout the USA. But according to a new study, employers are losing an estimated $14 billion a year because of fantasy football alone and the lost productivity because of it. It is a very interesting fact about what people are really doing at work instead of actually working.
More and more players are taking time out of their work day to play with their teams or prepare for their draft and the amount of money that is going down the drain because of it is overwhelming. It appears that people are more interesting in playing fantasy football than actually working at all. That is what the figures are showing.
Fantasy football has taken over society through the United States and there is really nothing that is going to stop it right now. Bosses and employees alike are getting involved in playing fantasy football and fantasy sports in general and it is showing in the loss of production. If there was only a way to make that $14 billion back by making money off fantasy football play, things may be better.

John Axford Says Hi To Pittsburgh With Winning Twitpic
John Axford Says Hi To Pittsburgh With Winning Twitpic
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