Did TMZ Get a Shot of the iPhone 6?

TMZ claims to have the first new image of Apple‘s iPhone 6–and while we usually have total faith in the fine folks there, we should still note that some are saying that the TMZ Squad might instead be looking at a knockoff.
The race to get the first shots of the new touch screen smartphone before next month’s big reveal may have been won by the gossip site but the tech blog Gizmodo claims that it’s not the new iPhone but a facsimile that runs on Android.
TMZ described the prototype as one that’s “not running an authentic Apple IOS [sic], which is SOP during the development stage for security purposes.” That makes sense given how badly they handled the release of the iPhone 4 that eventually ended up in the hands of one of Gizmodo’s bloggers leading to an epic legal takedown that included a raid on one of the reporter’s┬áhome. This time, the “smuggler” in question is being extra careful by only sending TMZ photos of the phone rather than letting him look at it for the same reason.
TMZ also claimed the “smuggler” worked for Foxconn, the hardware company that designed the casing for the new phone. They said it’s lighter and has some kind of “sensor on the front” that does something, well, sensory.
Gizmodo claims the phone is not Apple’s new iPhone but really just an Android knock-off with a similar looking interface. Their evidence is based on the design of the home screen that uses iOS 7 and not iOS 8. They also noted that the icons used on the home page where just ripped from the system’s firmware solely to create a clever looking clone.
We’re not taking sides on this one. We just want to see the new phone and if this is it, then we’re happy.

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