Another College Campus Goes Completely Smoke Free

Another college joined the list of schools that don’t allow any smoking on campus whatsoever. This time, it happened at  Huntingdon College in Mobile, Alabama.
The new policy will start with the fall semester on Aug. 25th and it specifically prohibits any student, faculty or staff member from smoking anywhere on campus. The “HC is Smoke-Free” policy was enacted from a bill passed by the Student Government Association during the last spring semester and signed by school president J. Cameron West the following April. The bill prohibits any smokeable devices or items on campus including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, hookahs, and e-cigarettes. Not even vapor devices are safe from the ban. The bill also prohibits anyone from smoking near or around any campus building “including off-campus housing.”
Students will be reminded of the new ban thanks to a series of signs placed around campus during the new term. The school also plans to offer students resources to help them quit smoking through the Office of Student Health Services. Huntingdon College will join a growing list of colleges across the country with a smoking ban in effect and it will become the sixth smoke free campus in the state of Alabama.
The main reason for the ban has to do with health concerns due to smoking and secondhand smoking related illnesses but wouldn’t it be healthier to give them a choice? We all know that telling someone they can’t do something as simple as smoking is just going to make them want to do it more.

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