The 10 Most Bizarre Birthmarks Ever [GALLERY]

Web MD consistently convinces people that the tiniest birthmarks could be something deathly. I mean, Web MD also convinces people with headaches that they could easily be dead within the hour. While most are safe and don’t spiral out of control quickly, there are some that get crazy. [photos via…]
These 10 mega-weird birthmarks are all real, and you’ve definitely never seen anything like ’em, except maybe in your nightmares or on TV. They range from gross enough that you’ll keep clicking, to ones that will illicit an “Awww” from any female audience. So, next time you’re convinced that that tiny little freckle somewhere weird could be something far more threatening, call a dermatologist.
In fact, after scrolling through this gallery, we suggest that you have them waiting for you on speed dial. You won’t believe how sci-fi these images get, and they’ll have you counting your own blessings the next time you have a health scare that ends up not being so scary (I mean, unless you, too, sprout horns unexpectedly). These pictures might even have you watching Teen Wolf tonight. Get ready for 10 crazy pictures that you’ll be sharing with everyone, just so they know how lucky they are to not have a full grown beard by age 7. Check ’em out here:
[h/t: Dynamic Facts]


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