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UCF Cheerleaders Had a Lake Day [18 PHOTOS]


UCF Cheerleaders

Just because the University of Central Florida is now without QB Blake Bortles (and Lindsey Duke) doesn’t mean that people are going to stop paying attention to the school. UCF has been on absolute fire lately and their cheerleaders look ready to get the season started.

The cheerleaders just checked into “reporting week” (a preseason of sorts) but have found a lot of time to chill out in the Orlando area. Amidst all their pushups and tumbles, they even found the time to record an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video–challenging the OSU, Penn State, and LSU Cheerleading teams to do one of their own.

You know this team is good because they make being a UCF Cheerleader look so much fun. Good weather, parties, and swimsuits. Times are tough.

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