CAMPUS CRIME: Boston Student Playing "Knockout Game" Gets Jail Time

A student from Endicott College in Boston is headed to a prison cell on assault charges connected to his participation in the most stupid trend we’ve ever heard of called “The Knockout Game.”
Dillon P. Destefano, 20, of New Jersey earned a four-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to charges such as assault and witness intimidation in connection with a violent round of “The Knockout Game” that he participated in last February. According to reports, Destefano had been drinking and wandering the streets with some friends when they got the urge to play “The Knockout Game” in which a person attempts to knockout a total stranger using as little punches or kicks as possible.
Destefano randomly attacked three fellow students that night who suffered a broken jaw, a broken eye-socket and sinus cavity and a swollen lip. The student with the broken jaw had to have their mouth wired shut for weeks while it healed. Attorneys from the Essex District Attorney’s Office also said that Destfano threatened a witness to one of the attacks to prevent him from telling anyone what he had done.
The court ordered Destefano to pay restitution to the victims to cover their medical expenses and undergo a mental-health evaluation. In addition to his sentence of four years in prison minus the time he spent in prison while waiting for his trial, he’ll also have to undergo four years of probation. That means he’ll probably have to miss some school but it sounds a college degree would be wasted on a moron like this anyway.

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