College Car Crash Almost Takes Out Two People [VIDEO]

Two unidentified people in England are counting their lucky stars after a runaway Mini Cooper crashed into a college building and almost hit them in the process.
Manchester City Police released security camera footage of the destructive accident that took place on Aug. 9th on the campus of Hopwood Hall College in Rochdale. A 21-year-old driver somehow lost control of his Mini Cooper S as he drove down the road. His vehicle veered off of the road and smashed into some guard railings. His vehicle came to a violent stop when it collided with a building located near a sidewalk.
Two unidentified people were walking along the sidewalk when they saw the car coming towards and dove out of the way just in time to avoid the car from hitting them. The two pedestrians were not seriously injured. The driver suffered some head injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Manchester City Police said the driver is in stable condition. A spokesperson for the department said they are also investigating the cause of the crash to determine why the vehicle suddenly left into the road and crashed into a building. A nearby security camera caught the very violent accident on tape and police officials released the footage earlier today on their YouTube channel. You can see it below in the embedded video…
We know what you’re thinking. You’re grateful that the injuries weren’t more severe but you’re more thankful that you’re not a student at Hopwood Hall College.

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