OU's Athletes Can Get Their Own Food Truck Under NCAA's New Rule

Now that the NCAA is allowing colleges to feed their athletes so they don’t go hungry, the University of Oklahoma decided to take it a step further and buy a fully stocked food truck for their players.
OU’s athletic director Joe Castiglione announced that athletes will have free access to the food truck that can provide both snacks and hot meals for players completely free of charge. The move takes advantage of the new NCAA rule that allows athletes to receive free meals from the school they play for after overturning a rule that measured the amount of free food schools could give them.
Castiglione said the decision to buy their players a food truck was one of necessity. He said that the school doesn’t have food facilities in places where athletes can access them as easily as other students and this will allow the school more flexibility under the new rule instead of the added expense of building new kitchen and dining facilities in such places. He admitted that the move might stir up some competition between schools now that they aren’t fettered by the NCAA’s ridiculous food rule.
He’s probably right. We celebrated the overturning of the NCAA’s food rule and we’re all for preventing athletes from going hungry but this could stir up (no pun intended) some interesting competition as athletes recruit players. Does this mean that a school can use bottomless nachos and free “crazy bread” to entice new players as part of their recruitment packages?

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