NCAA Gets Ready To Allow Unlimited Meals To Athletes

The NCAA has a lot of rules that don’t make sense to most people. One of those finally got close to being lifted on Tuesday, with the legislative council approving a proposal to allow Division I schools to provide unlimited meals and snacks to all their athletes. The idea still has to be approved by the Board of Directors on April 24th, but it’s really something that should’ve been done years ago.
Right now, schools have been allowed to provide three meals a day or a stipend to athletes with a scholarship. That’s pretty insane–and especially for a college athlete. If a player wants to eat, why can’t they eat five or six meals a day? Maybe they want to eat every two or three hours with smaller meals instead of three big meals. Meanwhile, the NCAA had stayed busy with weird regulations that included keeping schools from even giving students cream cheese for their bagels.
So this is a step in the right direction. Finally, the students can eat as much as they want whenever they want. Now let’s see how those practices go once they join COED staffers in staying up all night and eating mounds of junk food.

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