New York Mets Hand Out Promotional Item With Wrong Team On It

Promotions are a big part of the baseball game experience–but the New York Mets might want to make sure that their giveaway products involve their own team. Steven Mitzmacher walked through the gates of Citi Field Sunday with the giveaway by a toy truck with the Mets logo on it. One problem though: the truck has the Philadelphia Phillies logo on the door. W.B. Mason, whose logo is also featured on the truck, is the office supplies company who supplies the Mets and Phillies.
Mitzmacher, of course, instantly immortalized the moment by posting the above pic on Twitter. The Mets and Phillies aren’t exactly the best of friends fan-wise, so W.B. Mason might also want to pay attention of other promotional trucks with their name on it. They also supply the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Imagine what a mix-up with those two teams would look like.
Smartly, Mitzmacher is going to leave it in the box and maybe he can sell it for big money one day. It is gaffes like this that make all baseball teams stay awake at night wishing and hoping that they don’t do something stupid like this. Mitzmacher, though, has a special treasure that he can enjoy forever. Or maybe put up on eBay.

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