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College of Charleston Basketball Coach Fired For Being a Rage-o-Holic


Doug Wojcik

The College of Charleston decided to send their basketball coach packing after an investigation revealed a pattern of verbal abuse between Doug Wojcik and his players and staff.

College President Glenn McConnell fired men’s basketball coach Doug Wojcik after just two years on the team. The firing came on the heels of a 50-page report that found Wojcik was a raging ball of hate when it came to dealing with his players and his staff. The report presented a list of two dozen witnesses who claimed that Wojcik either threatened them with physical violence or doled out some “harsh personal attacks.” The school’s athletics director Joe Hull even turned on the coach describing him as someone who was difficult to manage. McConnell did not mention the report or the findings in the report when announcing Wojcik’s firing. Hull will oversee the team until a suitable replacement can be found to coach the school’s basketball team.

We’re not defending Wojcik’s actions. Threatening people is not the sign of a coach who’s got his act together but should we be surprised that a college basketball coach is acting like a total douchebag to his players? Would they have fired him if he wasn’t being hard enough on his players? Does this mean that we’ve reached the end of the era where being an abnormally angry basketball coach who looks like he’s about to “Hulk out” is no longer acceptable? It wasn’t that long ago that sports’ biggest basket case Bobby Knight was verbally tearing his players a new one.

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